K3 Cat Ski

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K3 Cat Ski tenure is in excess of 33,000 acres and skiing and snowboarding is on a mountain known locally as K3. They are located in the Anstey range of the Monashee Mountains and so enjoy some of the best snow there is, averaging around 50 feet each winter.

As well, you can experience great skiing in the South Park burn and when stability is good they have some exceptional steep tree skiing on slopes up to 50 degrees! They are also be skiing and snowboarding in the new 4 Mile summit area where you can enjoy steep tree runs of over 2000 vertical feet.

Their runs average 1500 vertical feet and range from 1200 to 3000 vertical feet. Most of our runs are high elevation, ending at around 5000 ft. Their highest elevation is over 7400 feet and the lowest point is around 4000 feet.


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