Snowwater Heli Skiing

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Every day at Snowwater, three groups of four guests are matched up and privately guided through 150,000 acres of engaging and magnificent terrain. Essentially that equates to volumes of deep powder, choice, juicy lines and no competition for fresh tracks!

Providing a safe and highly enjoyable skiing and boarding vacation is their highest priority. They have the Canadian Avalanche Association industry leaders audit their standards annually to ensure they meet all requirements for the industry. Their guests now have the option to wear the new BCA airbag, which has proven to significantly reduce the chances of being buried in an avalanche. Each guest is also given a backpack with a personal avalanche probe and shovel, and each group carries a guest radio, enabling immediate communication with our office dispatch at all times while in the field.

Only three groups of four share our B2 A-star helicopter and 150,000 acres of remarkable terrain.

Snowcat backup means you ski every day, all day – guaranteed. Unlike other operations now offering snowcat backup – they were a snowcat skiing operation first – so the quality of their backup terrain is superb.

Their remote lodge is ’mountain chic’ and includes every creature comfort, including high speed internet and cell phone access.

They are 80% repeat business – a number that clearly defines how our clients feel about where they want to spend hard earned coin.

Their all-inclusive, unlimited vertical package is bar none the best priced package being offered in the industry.

They are committed to sustainability and reducing our footprint to help preserve the very nature that makes our wilderness experience one of the best in the world. Their other business is in forestry where they have collected millions of seedlings every year for the past 20 years. These go towards replanting the forests of BC in the summer, while in the winter they help people appreciate the importance of preserving our spectacular backcountry terrain, and enjoying nature in its pristine form.

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Snowwater Heliskiing Day2 from Peak Travels on Vimeo.

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