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Retallack prides itself on ‘being in the right place. They have over 38 square kms (9500 acres) on three main mountain peaks called Reco, Wishful and Texas. These peaks and their long alpine ridge lines (Reco is 7 km long!) form perfect snowcat access drop off points at elevations between 7000′ and 8500′. Our lowest pick-up in the valley floor is at 3000’. Our runs are as long as 4200′, so we certainly rival helicopter skiing operations. The average run length is 1800′ (600m). The runs are consistent, uninterrupted, fall line skiing.

A simple description of this extremely varied, complicated, compact set of mountains is not possible. But, suffice to say that the two main north facing U-shaped cirques (Stenson and Robb creek drainages) provide runs on all aspects, with the majority of terrain on eastern and western exposures. This allows for the Retallack claim of powder snow until very late in the season.

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