Avalanche Bulletin


Canadian Ski Mountaineering Update

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This weekend the Dogtooth Dash happens in Golden! The race registration includes Saturday party and two days lifts. Read More →

Martini Glasses, Mattresses and the Avalanche Scenario

Large Surface Hoar Crystals

At the end of the day, safe mountain travel is all about terrain selection. Read More →

The Ten Best Whore Houses in Kazakhstan

jon Turk

the most important single attribute I look for in a ski resort is the nebulous, impossible to define, element called “the character of the mountain. Read More →

Mount Baldy re-opens!

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Mount Baldy ski area, near Oliver BC, re-opened 500 acres to skiers and riders this season after scrapping operations last season. Read More →

Ptor Spriceniecks Unedited Interview

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Ptor Spricenieks is one of the world’s best ski mountaineers–only most skiers know neither man nor myth. Read More →

Understand the Language of Avalanche Bulletins


Several years ago avalanche centers from across Canada, the U.S., and New Zealand began discussing the effectiveness of their public messaging. Read More →

Avalanche Canada Conditions update

Snow map

Both avalanche danger and riding conditions vary significantly across the province right now Read More →

Teddy-Bear Trees Avalanche

Orange circle shows injured skier and his partner, orange arrow indicates fracture line, red arrow indicates previous groups ski tracks.

He was too far downslope and was consequently caught in the avalanche for ~100m through the trees. Read More →

Spaghetti On The Wall and Dawn Wall

dawn wall 2

What is the importance of all this extreme adventure in the modern world? Is it just about a bunch of hedonistic, work-avoiding, risk-taking, adrenaline-junkie nutcases? Read More →

Wayne Flann caught in avalanche

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you try hard to negate the risk and you try hard to do what you’ve been trained to do, (but unfortunately) you can still mess up. Accidents happen Read More →

Top 10 Bad Backcountry Ski Habits

Spread out.  It is not that hard.

1) Half Lapping It is one thing to break trail up the side of a big beautiful bowl and look back to see multiple groups coming up behind you. It is a totally different story however to see people Read More →

10 Reported Resort Snowpacks

snowpack measurement

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to compare the snowpacks that lift serviced ski resorts are reporting. It has been an interesting season to say the least with the effects of El Niño very evident–snow packs Read More →