Avalanche Canada—the Home of Public Avalanche Safety in Canada

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Avalanche Canada is a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to public avalanche safety. We issue daily avalanche forecasts throughout the winter for much of the mountainous regions of western Canada, providing this free information via our website and our app, Avalanche Canada Mobile. We also coordinate and deliver avalanche awareness and education programs, provide curriculum and support to instructors of Avalanche Canada training programs, act as a central point-of-contact for avalanche information, and work closely with many different avalanche research projects, both at home and abroad.

90% of recreational avalanche fatalities are caused by the victim or the victim’s party. As Canada’s national public avalanche safety organization, Avalanche Canada provides the programs and services to help recreational backcountry users mitigate their avalanche risk. Our website, avalanche.ca hosts our premier safety programs such as daily avalanche forecasts for 12 regions in western Canada, highly popular Mountain Weather Forecasts, our industry-leading Mountain Information Network, advisories, forecaster blogs and avalanche warnings. We also develop curriculum and course materials for recreational avalanche training. Our website features a search to help users find recreational avalanche courses and instructors throughout Canada that suite their needs. Our site is the “one-stop shop” for public avalanche safety resources for every type of outdoor winter recreational user. You can take Avalanche Canada with you – get our app, the Avalanche Canada Mobile app.

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