KMH Mt. Carlyle Lodge

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Sitting at 2,200 metres (7,200 ft) on a small sub-alpine knoll, Mount Carlyle Lodge enjoys grand views of high summits, nearby ice fields and the deep wild valleys of B.C.’s Kokanee Range. In the winter, Carlyle provides exceptional access to an endless variety of awesome backcountry skiing and snowboarding options. In the summer, it’s spectacular ridge walks, summit ascents and mellow strolls through alpine meadows. Come autumn, the larch turn everything golden. Customized corporate events available.

Lodge Details

Service options: Catered, Guided, Self-catered, Self-guided

Access by: Helicopter, Hike or ski

Accommodation type: Double, Private

Amenities at KMH Mt. Carlyle Lodge: Drying area, Electricity, Indoor Toilets, Equipment rental, Maps, Running water, Satellite, radio or cell phone service, Sauna, Water closet, Wood heat

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