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In the heart of British Columbia’s Kootenay region, where the mountains are known for their abundance of light and dry powder, one man’s passion for snow has not only fueled his own life but has also created a platform for others to embrace the powder lifestyle. Meet Dan Savage, the founder of PowderCanada.com, who lives and breathes the philosophy that powder snow provides freedom and enhances one’s overall well-being.

Dan Savage’s journey into the world of powder began with a deep love for outdoor adventure and a profound appreciation for the mountains that surround him. He shares, “Powder snow provides freedom, the more you ski powder the happier you will be. And from a health perspective, playing in powder ensures that you will live longer!” This belief has not only directed his life but has also become the driving force behind PowderCanada.com.

In May 2018, Dan faced a significant challenge when he was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent a grueling six-hour surgery in July, followed by radiation treatments that concluded in October. Despite this life-changing experience, Dan emerged as a cancer survivor with a newfound appreciation for life. He reflects, “Being a cancer survivor has made life sweeter than ever. I’m focused on making the best of every day!”

Dan is the owner of Savage Marketing, a company specializing in strategic marketing, public relations, and internet business based in Fernie. The business was founded on principles of active living, outdoor recreation, adventure, and urban aesthetics. While initially immersed in urban life, Dan eventually broke free and has spent the last two decades living in the Kootenay region, fully embracing his powder passion.

With over 25 years of experience in the sports marketing industry, Dan’s journey began in Vancouver, where he was involved in the rise of Whistler and the extreme sports movement. He then transitioned to Toronto, where he delved into the corporate side of advertising and promotion. During his time in Toronto, Dan forged a 20-year relationship with Warren Miller Canada, where he published SnoWorld Magazine, directed film shoots, managed sponsors and shows, and seized every opportunity to ski and snowboard.

Dan Savage enjoying his passion at Northern Escape
Dan Savage enjoying his passion

Dan’s connection to the Kootenay region was solidified in 1992 when he visited Island Lake and fell in love with its beauty and deep powder. After a brief stint in Calgary, he made the Kootenay’s his permanent home. In the Kootenay’s, Dan has published books and magazines, managed World Cup ski events, Canada Cup and TransRockies mountain biking competitions, and developed an active website portfolio.

Today, you can find Dan Savage skiing the steep and deep powder, surfing the snow, charging down legendary mountain bike trails, or simply reveling in the natural beauty of the Kootenay region.

PowderCanada.com, the platform Dan Savage founded, welcomes contributions and comments from fellow powder enthusiasts. Whether you have a story to share or questions about the world of powder, PowderCanada.com is your hub for all things related to the snow-packed adventures that Dan and many others cherish.
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