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Avalanche Canada: The Forecasting Season Draws to a Close

Avalanche Canada forecasts are done for the season, but you should remain wary of a major warm-up as spring progresses. Whether it’s the sound of birdsong returning to your local woods, the sight of bustling local patios, or the whirring of bike hubs steadily rising on streets and trails like a B-movie insect invasion, you’ve …
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Avalanches are not cool!

There’s nothing cool about getting caught in an avalanche! If you travel beyond designated winter trails assume you are in avalanche terrain. Everyone in your party should have the training, knowledge and equipment to safely travel in avalanche terrain. This includes carrying probes, beacons and shovels. Knowing the real-time, location-specific information on the avalanche conditions …
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Winter Avalanche Season

Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section has announced that the winter avalanche season is officially here. They had a surprisingly large avalanche occur within the this past week. The October 26th melt/freeze crust is the sliding surface for this size 2.5 (possibly bigger–they couldn’t see the debris deposit) avalanche. Needless to say, they were very surprised …
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