Mount Assiniboine Lodge

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Built in 1928, Mount Assiniboine Lodge was the first backcountry ski lodge in the Canadian Rockies. Come summer, it is also known as a great destination for hikers, providing the unique opportunity to wander through flower filled meadows or up mountain ridges. The lodge’s namesake, the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies, towers over the lodge and nearby trout filled lakes. Guests love the gourmet meals, helicopter access, flexible packages, and the close proximity to Calgary.

Lodge Details

Service options: Catered, Guided

Access by: Helicopter, Hike or ski

Accommodation type: Double, Private

Amenities at Mount Assiniboine Lodge: Drying area, Indoor Toilets, Internet Access, Equipment rental, Maps, Running water, Swag, Water closet, Wood heat

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Mount Assiniboine Lodge

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