Amiskwi Lodge

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Amiskwi is a self-guided and self-catered lodge on the Yoho National Park boundary at 2,104 metres (6,900 feet). Spectacular scenery surrounds your hiking, skiing and snowboarding. The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, wood heat, solar lights, and two indoor composting toilets. The wood fired sauna heats the water for two showers. Four upstairs rooms have foam beds and pillows for 16. With 12 or more friends you can book the whole lodge.

Lodge Details

Service options: Self-catered, Self-guided

Access by: Helicopter, Hike or ski, Snowmobile

Accommodation type: Double, Loft, Private

Amenities at Amiskwi Lodge: Drying area, Electricity, Indoor Toilets, Running water, Satellite, radio or cell phone service, Sauna, Water closet, Wood heat

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