Poachers Force closure of Macdonald West Shoulder Again

Unfortunately, skiers entered the Macdonald West Shoulder Winter Prohibited Area today in Rogers Pass forcing Parks Canada Safety to take action.

As a result, a portion of the West Rogers Winter Restricted Area will be closed as of tomorrow, December 4 2020, until further notice.

Parks Mountain Safety has issued its first warning to Rogers Pass backcountry users for poaching a closed Winter Restricted Area last month and Parks Closed Macdonald West Shoulder area last February due to poaching. This is nothing new however repeats itself, when will people learn?

These poachers endanger not only their own lives, other groups, and everyone traveling on the highway. People need to respect these closures and stop the poaching.

Planning to ski tour Rogers Pass this winter? You need to know about the Parks Canada Winter Permit System.

Be safe and respectful.