Wheeler Hut

The Wheeler Hut serves as a base for the legendary powder skiing of the Rogers Pass area.

This is the birthplace of alpinism in North America. Many of the routes are steeped in tradition and history, an interesting fact to remember as you reach for that next impeccable quartzite handhold or take that next footstep along one of the many trails which wind through the lush cedar forests that dominate the region.

This is the one and only Alpine Club of Canada hut which can be reached by vehicle in summer. Winter access is a mere 2 km along a well-broken and level trail.

It is difficult to convey to the first time visitor the number and quality of the winter day trips possible from the hut. The potential is outstanding from this single hut including winter ski tours to Young’s Peak, the Seven Steps of Paradise, the Dome Glacier – the list goes on and on. Go and explore for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

The Wheeler Hut is quite luxurious! A propane system provides the cooking and lighting, with two wood stoves for heating. The hut sleeps 30 in summer and 24 in winter.

Note: High season rates apply at the Wheeler Hut from December 21 to April 30 annually.

Trail distance: Summer: 45 m, Winter 1.5km
Elevation Gain: 10m
Trailhead: Summer: Illecileweat Campground, Winter: Asulkan Parking, Glacier National Park
Family Friendly: Yes
Activities: Backcountry sking, Day Hiking, Mountaineering
Technical Considerations: Avalanche Terrain; ATES Class 1

Located in Rogers Pass, the Wheeler Hut is one of the most historic, aesthetic and accessible huts in the ACC hut network. The hiking, mountaineering and winter backcountry skiing are world-class. This log cabin has a beautiful dining room with a large central fireplace. In the summer the hut has a 200m approach with access directly from the Illecillewaet Campground. In the winter the campground is closed and the approach is 1.5km.

Capacity: 24/30
Hut Location: 51.2639, -117.4916
Heat: Wood
Light: Propane
Stove: Propane
Oven: Propane
Mattress: Yes
Open: Year-round

The ACC maintains a wide variety of family-friendly huts in alpine meadows, backcountry powder paradises, remote climbers’ refuges and everything in between.

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