Avalanche Forecasts Start November 25

Avalanche Canada’s forecasts are starting soon and they’ll be launching their highly anticipated next generation forecast system!

Avalanche Canada’s first forecasts of the season will be published on Friday, November 25. This year is particularly exciting as they’re launching a new flexible forecast system.

As you head out, keep in mind that early season forecasts are generally less certain because there’s less field data coming in from avalanche professionals. You can help out the forecasters and your fellow recreationists by contributing observations to the Mountain Information Network. These reports help provide a more comprehensive picture of conditions and are valuable data sources.

They will continue to publish morning updates when the weather overnight is significantly different than expected. Make sure to double check the forecast in the morning in case it changes and you need to pivot to your Plan B (or come up with a Plan C).

If you’re heading out before forecasts start, the early season conditions page and the forecaster blog post are great resources to help you make informed decisions. You can also use the Dangerator to help estimate the danger rating when none is available.

Remember, if there’s enough snow to ride, there’s enough snow to slide.