Avalanche Canada’s New Map and New Tools Webinar

Avalanche Canada’s home page map is looking a little different this season and that’s good news!

The forecast regions will be dynamic, with flexible boundaries that change in response to conditions.

The above photo features the Fernie Factor in the lower dark orange triangle. This is an isolated Fernie weather phenomenon where 20cms is forecast and 80cms falls but only in Fernie on the Lizard Range. The new forecast will adjust to feature this isolated phenomenon.

Overall it’s a vastly improved product that will bring more detail and specificity to your backcountry adventures.

Watch the AviCan forecaster in the webinar to learn the practical tips on integrating this resource into your daily trip planning.

This AviCan Webinar from November 23rd will update you on all the new tools and resources that can be found at avalanche.ca.

Thank you Avalanche Canada for creating this amazing product!