Whitewater Public Service Avalanche Announcement

Dave from the Whitewater Ski Resort Snow Safety Team has posted a Public Service Avalanche Announcement on the current avalanche conditions.

On December 27, 2021, at 3:30 pm, Nelson SAR and Whitewater Ski Patrol responded to an SOS activated following a size 2.5 avalanche outside of the Whitewater Ski area on the south face of the East Peak of Evening Ridge.

Four people and two dogs were involved in the avalanche. No one was fully buried, however two people were seriously injured and rescue toboggans were required as darkness prevented the use of helicopter long-line. Read more here.

Avalanche Canada Forecasters Blog posted: DON’T ALWAYS TRUST A ROBUST CRUST. They wrote, as snow began accumulating in early December, weak faceted snow formed above the crust in some, but not all, locations. What emerged was a spatially variable persistent slab problem. Words like “spotty”, “patchy”, and “spooky” were used to describe problematic areas.

Be safe out there and live to play another day!