Canadian Avalanche Association Director Call

Do you have passion for public service, self-regulation and winter industry? If so you may be a candidate for the Pubic Representative Position on the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Board of Directors.

The Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) is Canada’s self-regulating body for avalanche professionals.

CAA members are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of avalanche safety, and are committed to life-long learning and pursuit of excellence in their fields.

Through their Mission and Vision the CAA works to advance best practices in avalanche risk management in the public interest.

The CAA board consists of 9 Directors. Two of the directors are not members of the CAA, but are solicited from the public for specific skills and in order to represent the public interest. The CAA has a dual mandate – to advocate for CAA members, and to act in the public interest. Public Representatives ensure that the CAA earns the Canadian public’s trust as the CAA regulates the practice of its members. For these reasons, this position is not available to CAA members.

General Duties

Directors of the CAA:

Oversee the strategic direction of the CAA

Ensure the CAA is compliant with its commitments under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

Ensure CAA follows its bylaws

Ensure CAA responds to the needs of its members and stakeholders

Ensure the CAA is sustainable in both financial and human terms

Ensure members are appropriately informed of decisions via minutes and other communications

Ensure the executive director (ED) leads the staff towards the CAA’s goals

Ensure each committee follows its terms of reference

Act as a resource for the board, committees, and staff as appropriate

Pass the annual budget and financial statements in addition to other motions as required


In addition to these broad duties, directors are generally expected to attend:

Monthly meetings of the BoD – typically one to two hours on a Tuesday night later in the month via conference call

The CAA Spring Conference in whole or in part (particularly the AGM)

Annual summer meeting of one to two days to galvanize the board and focus on the activities of the coming year and calls for action from CAA members

Other meetings as required

Expenses incurred to attend CAA meetings are reimbursed per the CAA’s expense policy. CAA Directors are covered by the CAA’s Directors and Officers insurance.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience in accounting, law, or self-regulation.


Basic understanding of winter recreation, travel and avalanche issues

Previous experience on a not-for-profit board

Process to apply – Key timelines:

Candidates can learn more about the CAA via the CAA website and the governance page in particular

Candidates should email the CAA via to declare interest by no later than September 7, 2018

Ideally a selection will be made in September

Per the CAA bylaws, directors appointed by the Board between annual general meetings must stand for election at the next AGM in May 2019.