The Fifty Project Ends

The Fifty Project

Professional big mountain skier Cody Townsend‘s groundbreaking ‘The Fifty Project’ has captivated skiing audiences for five years, but its journey has now reached its conclusion. He embarked on a mission to ski the fifty most challenging and classic backcountry ski lines in North America, and after successfully completing 46 descents, fans were surprised when he announced its end.

From conquering the most famous lines in skiing to nearing the milestone of being the first ever to climb and ski the 50 classic lines in North America, Cody is a professional skier driven by the challenge and beauty of the mountains.

In the final episode of the series, titled ’46/50 – Bloody Couloir – The End’, Townsend rocked his fans with his decision to bring the project to a close.

Despite not completing the last four lines of ‘The Fifty’, Townsend’s quest is not finished, he left an open door for another ending.

The decision to conclude the series was likely influenced by the immense challenges posed by the last four lines, which are heavily reliant on favorable weather conditions. Townsend and his team most likely didn’t want the pressure of producing episodes annually to interfere with their ability to attempt these lines under optimal conditions.

The remaining four ski lines are:

Comstock Couloir – a three thousand foot line is guarded by a full day’s walk, multiple avalanche paths and aspects, glaciers and a giant cornice in BC’s Selkirk Mountains

Saint Elias – on the border of Alaska and Yukon Territory, has the longest vertical ski run in the world

Mount Robson – The tallest peak in the Canadain Rockies, the North Face has only been skied twice (pictured above)

University Peak – A rugged 7,000ft ski-mountaineering line in the Wrangell St-Elias National Park

While we may not see these attempts featured in the ‘FIFTY’ episodes, Cody has relieved himself of the obligation to showcase them as part of the series and instead plans to tackle them whenever the opportunity arises.

This isn’t the end of the project; it’s simply the end of regular ‘Fifty’ episodes. When we eventually witness him successfully challenge these lines, whether it’s in three, four, or five years from now, the conclusion will undoubtedly be even more remarkable.

Thank you Cody for an amazing 46 episodes and best wishes with future adventures!