Canadians take Gold at FWT Verbier

Freeriders Marcus Goguen and Erin Sauve delivered at the Freeride World Tour (FWT) in Xtreme Verbier this weekend! Verbier’s legendary Bec des Rosses once again was the battleground, an awe-inspiring mountain reserved for the finest freeriders, with steeps exceeding 50 degrees.

Goguen celebrated his second career gold medal at the FWT in Switzerland, showcasing his expertise and fearlessness on the slopes. Demonstrating veteran-like composure, the Whistlerite skier executed an impressive 360 and pioneered a new line on the Bec des Rosses venue, culminating in one of the most remarkable double airs witnessed by freeride enthusiasts in recent memory. Awarded a score of 96.00 by the impressed judges, Goguen secured second place in the overall ranking for the 2024 FWT season.

Expressing relief and exhilaration after his victorious descent, Goguen shared his aspirations for the future, aiming to continue enjoying the sport while striving for further success. Meanwhile, Max Hitzig closely trailed in the runner-up position with a formidable performance, ultimately clinching the season title after a tight competition with Goguen. Finn Bilous secured the bronze medal in Verbier, making history with a daring 360 off the Hollywood Cliff.

In the women’s snowboard division, Erin Sauve made a remarkable debut on the FWT scene, capturing the overall championship title with an outstanding performance. The Rossland, B.C. resident delivered an impressive run, earning her a well-deserved gold medal and the coveted World Champion title. Sauve expressed her gratitude to her supporters and vowed to push her limits further in the upcoming seasons.

As the season concluded, both Goguen and Hitzig represented the burgeoning youth movement in the FWT, showcasing their talent and determination. The exhilarating competition and remarkable achievements underscored the evolving landscape of freeride skiing and snowboarding.

For detailed results, visit the FWT website.