Whistler skier wins the Freeride Junior World Championships

Freeride Junior World Champion

Lukas Bennett, the 18-year-old freeride skier hailing from Whistler, showcased remarkable prowess at the 2024 Freeride Junior World Championships (FJWC) with a daring run tallying an impressive 93.33 points in Kappl, Austria. Bennett’s performance was marked by boldness, exemplified by his launch into a 360 over an avalanche barrier at the outset, setting the tone for the entire run. With unwavering determination, he navigated the course, seamlessly incorporating high-speed features and executing technical rotations in both directions.

The competition for the men’s ski podium was fiercely close, with less than four points differentiating the top athletes: Tyler Blocker secured the silver medal with a score of 91.00, while fellow American Michael Wheatley clinched the bronze with a commendable score of 90.00.

Reflecting on his achievement, Lukas expressed profound gratitude, stating, “This experience is beyond surreal, especially sharing it with my friends who feel more like family.” He further elaborated on the challenges faced during his run, admitting to some improvisation and unexpected maneuvers, including going over the barrier. “Every rider brought their A-game today. The level of competition was intense, and any one of us could have emerged victorious. It’s truly mind-blowing,” he added.

Watch Lukas’s winning run here:

Congratulations Lukas!