El Niño and our Powder

El Niño and the remaining Winter?

Powder enthusiasts are questioning what February has in store. The season has been and adventure of extremes with the occasional highlight. Doug Gillham, Senior Meteorologist at The Weather Network, has just shared his thoughts on the remainder of the winter season. El Niño will play a significant role in determining how the upcoming months will unfold.

Gillham’s insights align with the sentiment shared by many of us – this is Canada, and we are only beginning the month of February. These two factors alone should make it clear that winter is far from over. After all, most Canadians are accustomed to seeing snow well into April and even May.

One noticeable change from the late January weather pattern is that the focus of the mild conditions will shift farther east.

Furthermore, frigid weather in Alaska is expected to spread east into the Yukon and Northwest Territories, while British Columbia (B.C.) and Alberta are projected to return to near-seasonal temperatures.

What about El Niño and the remainder of the winter?

El Niño and the remaining Winter?

Gillham predicts that late February in Western Canada will bring a mild and dry pattern often associated with El Niño winters. While quick bouts of Arctic air are still anticipated for Alberta, above-average temperatures are expected to dominate during late February and early March.

The worst of this peculiar winter appears to be behind us in British Columbia, so it’s time to embrace the abundance of winter powder.

In addition, there’s a prediction for more powder cycles and excellent skiing extending well into April and May!”