BC Search and Rescue Alleges Abuse from Province

BC Premier Responds to Allegations of Abuse within SAR Community

British Columbia’s Premier, David Eby, has expressed deep concern over allegations of mistreatment and misconduct outlined in a strongly worded letter from leaders within the province’s search and rescue (SAR) community. The letter specifically points fingers at the province’s Emergency Management and Climate Readiness ministry, highlighting incidents of bullying, intimidation, sexism, and threats allegedly committed by some ministry staff members. It further accuses the provincial government of overlooking valuable technological advancements. In response, Premier Eby has pledged to address these concerns and take appropriate action.

“I am profoundly concerned by the allegations that are raised in this letter,” Premier Eby stated. He emphasized the vital role played by search and rescue teams across the province, many of whom are volunteers ready to respond to distress calls, often in the middle of the night, and risk their lives to save others.

Premier Eby also noted that the minister responsible for the ministry in question has already reached out to those who signed the letter. “They have his commitment, and my commitment, that we will address these issues and provide the necessary support,” Eby reassured.


The allegations detailed in the letter have drawn significant attention and raised concerns about the treatment of SAR volunteers and the overall management of emergency response services in the province. The commitment from Premier Eby to address these issues is seen as a positive step towards ensuring a safe and respectful working environment for SAR teams and a more effective emergency response system in British Columbia.