Freerider Mark Abma

Pemberton, BC based freerider Mark Abma sure makes powder skiing look epic edited with the tune “got us looking so crazy right now“!

Fellow big-mountain skier Xander Guldman also recently proclaimed Abma to be the ski world’s version of Beyoncé, and somehow, the comparison makes total sense.

Just like Queen Bey’s peerless vocal lines, Abma’s freeride lines are transcendent and untethered by genre—look no further than this new edit from The Land of Giants:

Beyoncé and Abma are also roughly the same age, which means they’ve been perfecting their art for the last 20-plus years, and just keep improving.

Last winter, Abma, Guldman and others joined forces to crush profound pow from the fjords of Norway to the spines of Alaska to the pillows of the BC’s Coast Mountains.

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