The Land of Giants

The story of man vs. mountain is one that has captured our imaginations for centuries. But what if MSP flipped the script?

What if, instead of focusing on the human element, MSP took a closer look at the mountains themselves?

That’s the premise of The Land of Giants, a new ski film that explores the most iconic mountains on Earth. From the Fjords of Norway to the spines of Alaska, we will get to know and understand the canvas that creates the most mind-melting moments in skiing.

But most importantly, we’ll come to appreciate their sheer beauty and power. Captured with revolutionary cinematography combined with genre bending music, The Land of Giants is not to be missed.

The Land of Giants features the best skiers in the world, skiing unbelievable conditions and riding to the very edge and beyond. It’s a celebration of the natural world, and a reminder of the power of the human spirit. It’s a film that will leave you awestruck, inspired, and humbled.

The crew at Matchstick filmed in the most iconic and beautiful ranges skiers dream of.

Smoky Range, ID // Chilkat Range, AK // Niseko Range, Japan // Sierra Mountain Range, CA // Lyngen Alps, Norway // Wasatch Range, UT // Fitzsimmons Range, BC // Kitimat Range, BC

The Land of Giants cast of athletes features the best skiers the sport has to offer, from all over the globe:

Mark Abma // Sammy Carlson // Logan Pehota // Tonje Kvivik // Nikolai Schirmer // Caite Zeliff // McKenna Peterson // John Collinson // Colby Stevenson // Janelle Yip // Sam Kuch // Ari Tricomi // Karl Fostvedt // Coline Ballet-Baz // Craig Murray // Emily Childs // Dennis Ranalter // Xander Guldman // Hedvig Wessel // Lucy Sackbauer // Stinius Skjøtskift // Gen Sasaki // Sam Cohen // Marcus Goguen