Tatum Monod releases trailer for “All Access”

Tatum Monod has shared the trailer for “All Access” where her and all female shred team found themselves on the trip of a lifetime to Alaska!

“To combine forces with some of my all time favourite shredders and media team was an absolute dream come true,” commented Tatum. Her favourite shredders included Nadine Overwater, Taylor Godber and Robin Van Gyn.

Tatum wrote that approaching these lines from the bottom in Alaska was intimidating. She commented, “After studying the line you’d think it would take an hour or so to get to the top but once you started hiking it was a different beast. One foot Infront of the other, you’d chip away. On this line I was particularly gripped, feeling very exposed; Once my skis were on my feet, I felt right at home, it was game on and totally worth the effort!”

Tatum was born on skis and handles a 450lb snowmobile with ease. CLICK the following image to view the trailer:

Just as a carpenter doesn’t leave the house for work without a saw, Tatum usually doesn’t leave for a day of work without her sled. As a professional backcountry skier, it’s a tool of her trade “Sleds enable you to travel so efficiently in the backcountry that they’re a must for what I do,” Tatum says. A snowmobile unlocks the doors to more remote terrain – terrain that’s out of question with just a set of skins and a light touring setup. Snowmobiles get you there, and in certain zones, they allow you to ski way more laps in day.

Read Tatum’s tips on how to get into sledding.

Photos: Red Bull, Facebook