POW Canada invites Climate Athletes

Protect Our Winters Canada (POW Canada) is inviting climate athletes to participate in their #GameOn2030 program. It’s the World’s first program that turns climate action into an official sport!

The year 2030 is a crucial year for climate action both in Canada and around the world. Climate plans are being made, but we must meet our climate goals.

POW Canada’s #GameOn2030 program invites the outdoor community to become climate athletes. They’re incentivizing and gamifying climate action at all levels. The more points you collect, the more chances you get to win experiences and prizes as an official climate athlete. If you were looking for something to be stoked about, here it is.

Every new team member will receive the official climate athlete contract in the mail. Once the contract is in your hands, you must read it and sign it. We invite you to stick it on your favourite gear. Whether that is your board, skis, or helmet … the choice is yours. It’s not the time to be shy about it!

Each month there will be a unique challenge that POW will complete as a team. The more actions you take during each challenge, the more points you collect. Gain more points in order to unlock the next skill level. Every quarter POW will draw prizes for members in each skill tier. Click here and keep scrolling to learn how to play and get a preview of the prizes.