Dylan Siggers INTENT

Dylan Siggers does it again in the latest ski production to be released, this time with with Jake Strassman. Dylan is homegrown in Fernie BC and is an artist in film and video, and he also learned how to to ski in his backyard. Dylan’s Line profile states that he loves dogs, bikes and powder. Lets see how he plays in powder!

Dylan commented on Facebook, “Got to work on on another project last winter with Jake Strassman. We spent a lot of the trip thinking about what it was we wanted the video to look like, and I’m really stoked how Jake put it all together.

Huge thank you to Line Skis for making skis that allow me to ride the way I want, and also supporting that Vision.

Also thank you to Fernie Alpine Resort for always supporting ideas and video projects over all the years!

Finally shout out Fernie Wilderness Adventures for the same, they’re always down to support the team and do everything they can to make our shoot as successful as possible. Thanks Stephen Reed for shooting such sweet photos for the launch page (Last week ha)

More huge shout outs to the friends that helped along the way, logistically and emotionally haha!
Josh McSkimming, Adam Laurin, Dave Keenan, Zak Mousseau, Sophie Perrault, Derek Vondracek, and Mikel Witlox.

LASTLY thank you Jake Strassman for coming all the way to Canada, shooting in the rain, editing all summer, dealing with my flip flopping critiques and bringing our vision to life. Video turned out fancy as hell!

Hope everyone enjoys!”


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