Avalanche Forecast User Study Underway

Snow avalanches claim about 13 lives in Canada every year, more than any other natural hazard. Most victims are private backcountry recreationists, mostly skiers, snowmobilers, mountaineers making their own decisions.

Avalanche research programs have traditionally primarily taken a snow science/engineering perspective, but the Simon Fraser University Avalanche Research Program (SARP) aims to approach the topic of avalanche safety more broadly to better understand the interplay of all components affecting avalanche risk and develop innovative solutions for managing it more effectively.

SARP has a new survey aimed at assessing and evaluating avalanche bulletin users. The results will also help us improve our forecasts. This study builds on exciting research aimed at a better understanding how backcountry recreationists apply the information presented in our avalanche forecasts. This particular study focuses on how forecast users understand the terrain information and travel advice statements. The results of this research will offer important insight for making avalanche forecasts more effective and resonate better with all types of backcountry users.

Visit avbullvis.avalancheresearch.ca/ to participate and a chance to win cash prizes! Skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, ice climbers and snowshoers are all invited to take part.