80 cms at Castle Mountain

I know it’s hard to believe for September, but yes, Castle Mountain received 80+cms of snow this weekend. Are people skiing? Yes indeed, they are skiing thigh deep light powder!

Troy Misseghers, Crowsnest Coffee and backcountry powder gru commented, “It’s true, Summer is snofficially over!”

Castle Mountain reported, “Our mid-mountain snow stake is now buried slightly beyond the 80 cm mark and, with 20 to 40 cm’s of additional accumulation expected, we’ll probably watch the snow cam disappear today. Cool right!?

“You may be tempted to venture out for some turns today but please remember there is no mountain patrol available and many man-made hazards that exist on the mountain which may not usually be there in the winter (unpadded hydrants, summer hiking signage, construction equipment, etc.).” – Castle Mountain, 9:02am MT 9/29/19

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Pics from Facebook