Powder Canada’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Powder Canada’s top 10 Christmas Gifts List is based on extensive research and field testing and is geared to help you spend more time riding powder and less time shopping. Were pleasantly joyous to bring you this list of fine Christmas items for the powder skiers and riders in your life who are happiest with the best.

Here are the top 10 Christmas Gift items on our list that powder skiers and riders will appreciate:

1. K2 Rekon 130

The all-new Rekon 130, designed from the ground up. Rigid, Powerful, Light, and Comfortable—K2 rethought everything about how an alpine boot should feel and ski. The result is one of the lightest performance ski boots on the market. $649.99

2. Marker Alpinist 12

The ultra-light pin binding (245 g w/o brake) offers active length compensation during ski flex and an impressive power transfer downhill due to a 38 mm drill pattern. The carbon-reinforced toe provides great stiffness and comes with anti-ice pads and integrated elastomers for easy stepping in. The heel features a climbing aid with 0°, 5° and 9° angle and allows super convenient switching between hike and ride mode. $449.99

3. BCA Tracker3 Avalanche Transceiver

Time to upgrade your partners transceiver? The small profile makes the Tracker 3 one of the smallest and thinnest beacons available in North America. It’s designed to be “pocket friendly” and easier to wear. Intuitive displays show you the number and proximity or buried beacons. A mark feature allows you to easily flag located signals in multiple rescue situations. A perfect stocking stuffer.$369.99

4. TNF Men’s Fuse Brigandine Jacket

From alpine starts in Alaska to all-day pursuits in the Andes, the evolved Fuse Brigandine Jacket is designed for big-mountain riding in the most demanding terrain in the world. A hyperarticulated fit supports making turns, hiking and climbing, while pack-friendly chest pockets and pit-zip vents make accessing whatever you need whenever you need it easy. $899.99

5. TNF Men’s Brigandine Pant

Conquer the steep and deep territory that defines big-mountain riding with waterproof pants that are constructed with the new FuseForm™ construction technique to create abrasion-resistant zones in the knees. The hyper-durable exterior seamlessly integrates midweight nylon with a heavier weight nylon in the knees to eliminate bulk and achieve a low-profile fit that’s lightweight, yet strong and durable. If an avalanche is triggered, the nearly weightless embedded RECCO® transponder in these pants can be pinpointed by detectors carried by the rescue team. $399.99

6. BCA Float 22™ Avalanche Airbag

Backcountry airbags are considered a standard tool for today’s powder enthusiast. The Float 22 is designed for day touring or terrain accessed through mechanized means. It’s surprisingly affordable, so you can make an airbag pack a regular component of your setup. Airbags are designed to reduce or eliminate burial depth and protect your head, neck and upper body from trauma should you be caught in an avalanche. Keep your loved ones safe, a gift for any backcountry user.$579.00

7. Rocky Mountain Blizzard 30 Fat Bike

Can you get rad on a fat bike? You can and you should! With aggressive trail geometry and massively wide tires, the Blizzard rides like a proper mountain bike in powder snow and anything else you can get yourself into. Explore new terrain, venture beyond groomers and snowshoe trails! $2999.00

8. Merrell Tremblant Collection

The Arctic Grip soles on the new Tremblant Lace boot are the most advanced gripping system ever
created by Vibram. Christmas is tradition. $300.00

9. K2 Joy Driver Splitboard

A team favorite, the precision focused Joy Driver Split is built to escape the lift lines and powder frenzy of resorts. Responsive camber between the fine tunable inserts creates an aggressive and confident ride for charging steep couloirs and wide-open faces, and built-in nose and tail grommets make the transition from skin to ride mode and back quicker than ever, even with gloves or mitts. More powder, more smiles! $1,299.99

10. Onewheel

Since launching in 2014, riders around the world have come to enjoy Onewheel’s intuitive control, powder snowboarding-like ride feel and effortless ability to ride both on and off-road. The closest thing to year around powder ever envisioned. $1,499 USD