Garrett Capel Shining Bright

From chest-deep snow, stomping two-story cliffs and powering through endless pillow lines, it is safe to say that Garrett Capel had a heck of season. Hailing from Banff, Garrett has grown into a savant of backcountry knowledge and has begun to make his presence known as a unique byproduct of this savvy, thriving culture.

With a mature eye for lines, a diverse bag of tricks and a hunger to find the deepest snow, the future is shining bright for this young ripper.

Garrett hails from a family of freeskiers with two siblings, either of whom could be Banff’s next professional freeskier. With strong performances in the Freeride World Tour and the Kicking Horse Wrangle the Chute, Garrett has his coaches and sponsors excited about his skiing future. As one coach said, “He’s insane these days: technically super strong skiing, but also throwing tricks off cliffs.” After the Wrangle the Chute contest at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, everyone was talking about the massive spin Garrett threw off a cliff most people had no interest in even hitting.

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