Marker recalls 2017/18 Kingpins

Based on the results of extensive testing and quality procedures for the possible breakage of steel pins in the toe pieces of a limited number of Marker Kingpin bindings, Marker has decided to conduct a voluntary recall of the affected products. The potential safety issue is related only to 2017/18 models of the Kingpin 10 and 13 pin tech binding. All other populations are not affected by this recall.

Under rare circumstances, the breakage of the steel pins of the 2017/18 models may lead to lower release forces of the binding causing a potential fall hazard.

The toes of the affected bindings will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Customers should contact their local Marker Authorized Retailer, or contact their national Marker distributor for a list of retailers. Additional information is online here to assist customers in determining whether their product is being recalled. Retailers have been requested to stop sales of recalled bindings. New bindings have a modified logo treatment on the toe pieces to distinguish them from recalled bindings.

“Highest quality and best-in-class technical standards are two of our company’s distinguishing features. Moreover, we are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer when it comes to safety, especially with regard to ski touring in the backcountry,” says Jonathan Wiant, President of MDV brands. “This is why after extensive and serious testing and evaluation we decided to recall the whole population of the 2017/18 model, even if the problem affects very few bindings. With the counter measures we have taken, the Kingpin remains an excellent, highly reliable product for ambitious and demanding skiers.”

Marker tirelessly pursues the aim of fulfilling the highest quality standards. The company continuously upgrades its product line, including the Kingpin, based upon customer feedback and continuous internal testing.