Rogers Pass – Join the discussion

Rogers Pass is the holy grail of ski mountaineering in Canada and a part of our nation’s history. It’s the place where Greg Hill ski toured a two-million-vertical-foot season. It’s also a key part of Canada’s historic union and to this day is our primary railway and highway connecter.

Those of us who frequented Rogers Pass prior to 2012 had the luxury of staying in a grand hotel with a full restaurant, a pool and hot tub. With 50 guest rooms and affordable prices, the lodge offered nice comforts with world-class powder skiing and boarding. The desolation and grandness of the experience of staying in the hotel during the winter always reminded me of Stanley Kubrick 1980’s movie, the Shining.

Unfortunately the hotels owners experienced financial challenges and closed the hotel. Now boarded-up buildings greet people visiting Rogers Pass. Backcountry users have to travel to Revelstoke or Golden, about an hour either way, for all services.

The good news is that Parks Canada has taken control of the facility. It included a service station adjacent to the hotel and part of the business. It was closed in 2009 and contributes to the boarded up eyesore at the pass. Parks is planning to tear down the existing buildings, what will go in their place is yet to be determined. Parks Canada is starting to plan to meet the needs of park visitors and through-travellers, improve motorist safety and address environmental concerns.

Parks Canada is seeking your input for consideration during the planning process to help shape the future of the Rogers Pass area.


1. They’d like your feedback – Now
Comments and ideas are being collected online here. You can also drop by the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre to learn more and provide your input..

2. Evaluation – Now
Parks Canada is evaluating the current and future needs of the Rogers Pass area, and is moving forward on a plan to remove the buildings and remediate the sites. Removal of the gas station will begin in the coming months.

3. What they heard

They’ll review and summarize what people have to say on the future of Rogers Pass.

4. Site planning and design
Parks Canada will come up with a phased redevelopment strategy.

5. Implementation

Plans for the future of the Rogers Pass area will be finalized and shared with the public. The timeline for implementation will be a phased approach and based on available funding.

Facility Background:

Parks Canada has also assessed the condition of the Glacier Park Lodge and service station facilities, formally Parks Canada’s responsibility since October 2016. Assessments confirmed that the facilities are in an advanced state of deterioration, and found significant levels of contamination both in the buildings and in the ground. Parks Canada is moving forward on a plan to remove the buildings and remediate the sites. Removal of the gas station will begin in the coming months.

Parks Canada is starting to plan for the future of the Rogers Pass area, in order to meet the needs of park visitors and through-travelers, improve motorist safety, and address environmental concerns. Have your say about the future of the Rogers Pass area. Parks Canada values your input and is interested in your vision for this special place.

The area around Rogers Pass is an integral part of Canada’s national transportation corridor, and offers access to world class hiking, backcountry skiing and breathtaking scenery for any traveller. Glacier Park Lodge was a valuable part of these experiences for many years and Parks Canada is pleased to be able to now plan the long term future of this site.

The physical condition of the service station and Glacier Park Lodge facilities has deteriorated considerably since their closing in 2009 and 2012. Due to structural deficiencies, soil contamination and the advanced state of building deterioration, the hotel and gas station buildings are unsafe and require demolition.

The integrity of both buildings has been compromised for several winters. Snow, rain and wind have had easy access to the interior of the buildings through the roofs and other openings. These elements have accelerated the deterioration of the structures in recent years.

The soil contamination at the site is a result of the transportation history of the area. Beginning with the construction and operation of the railway through Rogers Pass, the area where the hotel is now located was used as an industrial area. There is significant hydrocarbon contamination at the site, some of which has been addressed in the past. Now that Parks Canada has access to the site for the first time since the building of the TransCanada Highway, the mitigation and remediation of that contamination needs to be brought up to current environmental standards.