Early Avalanche Risk

Early snow brings avalanche risk to the BC backcountry ahead of the Avalanche Canada forecast season. It’s a time of a lot of excitement, but it’s not a time to let your guard down,’ says Avalanche Canada.

It’s so early in the season that official bulletins haven’t started yet, but forecasters are warning the avalanche risk is already building in BC’s backcountry.

Winter storms in recent weeks have delivered enough snow that eager adventurers need to be aware of the possible hazards, said Avalanche Canada forecaster James Floyer.

“It’s a time of a lot of excitement, but it’s not a time to let your guard down,” he said.

When the official forecasts start, they’ll include information-specific travel and terrain advice on where the avalanche risk is the greatest, including elevation, aspect and the likelihood of triggering a slide.

Until then, it’s up to backcountry users, said Floyer.

“We don’t have detailed assessments of where the most dangerous places are at this time, and, so, the onus really does come to the individual person to have those skills.”

That includes gathering as much information as possible about local conditions, ideally from someone you trust who has recently been where you’re going.

Danger is often highest during and just after a snow storm, Floyer writes on Avalanche Canada.

Be safe out there and enjoy the powder!