McNutt outruns Avalanche

Nick McNutt is seen outrunning an avalanche in this exciting footage . His comment, “Ya dude, the avi conditions are spicy” is an understatement.

Fortunately Nick showcased not only his strength as a skier, but his ability to perform under pressure–and lives to ski again. He is an exception, a majority of skiers would not have the same outcome. This was captured while he was filming for Teton Gravity Research’s new film “Tight Loose”.

In this clip NcNutt jumps onto a convex roller with no apparent testing of that slope. His first turn should have been a ski cut with a less critical escape route.

These film groups create entertainment however in the process portray irresponsible skiing to a young and impressionable ski audience. Every year a couple of free-skiers die in the process of filming. Footage like this should be an embarrassment however is flaunted for the outstanding athletic ability.

If you think this footage is cool it’s time to sign up for an avalanche course where you most likely will learn some much needed respect for the mountains and your life.