Jérémie Heitz is Swiss Extreme

Jérémie Heitz is Swiss Extreme as he descends 50 plus degree slopes at warp speed.


Jérémie’s new release ‘La Liste’ could be the most extreme ski film of all time. The film follows the 26 year old on his attempt to ski 15 Swiss peaks over 13,000 feet, taking on records of steepness and speed in his descents. He charts the history and evolution of steep skiing with the legends of the sport who first skied the lines and learns from their experiences. ‘La Liste’ shows how today’s legends continue to push the sport.

Jérémie is equally confortable and one of the most entertaining skiers in the Freeride World Tour. Here is a short presentation of his skiing:

Stay tuned, ‘La Liste’ is coming soon on RedBull TV.

Jérémie Heitz red bull