CMH Valmont with John Eaves

John Eaves captures an amazing day in the Upper Canoe Valley at CMH Valmont.

CMH Valemont

He and friends, Francois Lafon, Tony Carel, Anjan Truffer and Danny Stoffel, are on a run called Little Matterhorn surrounded by the North and South Canoe Glaciers.

John commented, “I have always wanted to expose the beauty of this area with a drone. It seems to be the tool to show the grandeur of this incredible environment we are privileged to make a few tracks in.”

North America’s largest ski resorts boast between 5,000 and 8,000 acres. CMH gives unprecedented access to 3.1 million acres.

As the originators of Heli-Skiing, they had first-pick of the finest terrain throughout the Columbia Mountains, with some of the best snow conditions in the world. We’re talking about vast expanses of the most pristine powder for high alpine glacier skiing and the finest tree skiing on the planet.

Valemount Lodge was built in 1998, however this exclusive private heli-skiing program has operated in the region for over 20 years. Within the walls of this beautifully designed post and beam lodge, harbors CMH’s best kept secret.

In terms of international competition, John Eaves was, arguably, one of the most successful skiers to represent Canada in the freestyle disciplines. He won 6-World Championships: 1977 – Combined Freestyle Overall title, 1978 – Aerials and Combined Freestyle Overall title, 1979 – Aerials and Combined Freestyle Overall title, 1980 – Aerials. Following this his stunt work in the James Bond films grew out of a relationship with German ski filmmaker and clothing mogul Willie Bogner. John have never lost his appetite for powder and CMH Valemount Powder represents the best!