Mt. Cain Crowd-Sourcing!

Mt. Cain is a very special community ski hill on Vancouver Island that is community based. The skiing is excellent and the atmosphere is very real and friendly, a place where you can free-range your children.

Here is their most recent newsletter, for most of you it will be a trip down memory lane!

“A friend of mine in the finance world asked me how we get things done at Cain…what’s our business model?

I told her that we crowd-source everything.

Which is where all of you come in this weekend.

Starting 7 PM Friday Night September 20th is our Annual General airing of grievences Meeting. It’s the opportunity for you, members of the Mount Cain Society, to pick a new president, throw your name into the hat of the fun and fulfilling world of being a director, or simply go over the plans for the year. If you’re not already a society member, you can also join up!

For extra crowd sourcing…we have our annual Mt. Cain work party THIS SATURDAY..which unlike all those other work parties that happen all year long…is the official one. We need a lot of help this year to get the hill up and running and from all accounts we’re supposed to have a really good snow season. Plus apparently there is apparently catering so that should sweeten the pot a bit.

Here is a shortlist of what we need to do:

Building stairs

Minor cabinet work

Installing manholes utility covers
Batching concrete
Rebuilding t-boxes

T-bar Maintenance

Pulling wire on L3/L4

You name we will be doing it!

There’s no such thing as a crowd at a Mount Cain Work Pawty.”

When’s the last time you parked vehicles, plowed snow or took a shift at being a liftie at your ski hill?