Nonprofit Raises Money for Children of Avalanche Victims

International Avalanche Nest-Egg (IANe), a nonprofit that benefits the children of avalanche victims was formed in memory of Ian Lamphere, one of the five men who died in the Sheep’s Creek avalanche near Loveland Pass in Colorado in April.

The goal of IANe is to provide financial support, both short-term and long-term, to families who have lost a loved one in an avalanche. Ian’s fiancé, Elizabeth Lamphere, Ian’s brothers and a few close friends founded the organization after Ian suggested the idea three days before he died.

“Though eerie and devastating, this statement has given me a focus and has motivated me to carry on with this mission,” Elizabeth says.

Ian left behind a daughter, Madelyn, who turned one on July 28.

“He was the best damn father you have ever been around,” says William Veve, one of Ian’s friends.

The Loveland Pass slide on April 20 ranked as the deadliest Colorado avalanche in 50 years. Though not far from Loveland Ski Area, the avalanche was outside the resort’s boundaries where the men, who were all part of the Rocky Mountain Back Country Gathering, were snowboarding.

Ian embraced life as a ski bum. He learned to ski in Vermont at a young age and skied all over the world. He also played the drums for Named By Strangers, a band that made mountain town bars its home.

The site ( is already receiving donations.

By Nicole Ginley-Hidinger