K2 Ski Boots coming soon

K2 has been a leader in producing skis, boards and backcountry equipment for may years so I was not surprised by the new ski boot announcement. Hopefully we will have some product to test and deliver a full report from the steeps and deep of Fernie.

Since 1962, industry-leading ski manufacturer, K2 Skis, has been committed to developing high quality products to meet the diverse needs of all-mountain skiers. Building from the ground up and applying the brand’s legacy and dedication from over five decades of skiing experience, K2 Skis is proud to unveil a brand new ski boot collection, specifically designed for optimal all-mountain and freeride performance.

The new eight-SKU ski boot collection, developed to complement K2’s All-Mountain and Freeride ski lines, is subdivided into two collections: an All-Mountain line, specifically designed for men and women respectively, and a Freeride offering for men.

All-Mountain Performance Boots:

K2 has taken a fine-tuned approach in its All-Mountain boots and optimized the natural forces of skiing with the new E3 (Energy Efficiency Engineering) Philosophy. The innovative system absorbs external energy from diverse terrain and snow conditions, while transmitting internal energy from the skier in the form of precise power and pressure. The E3 Philosophy is made possible by the synergy of three features:

Energy Interlock – A rivet-free technology that integrates the cuff and shell. Producing a smoother and more efficient load transfer, the Energy Interlock delivers a natural flex with dynamic performance.

PowerFuse SpYne – A rear co-injected “Y”- shaped design enhances the Energy Interlock by providing fore/aft flex efficiency and lateral stiffness, for sustained performance and responsiveness in all conditions.

K2 Fit Logix – Delivering performance, comfort, and a customized fit, Fit Logix includes the combination of a diverse last offering (97mm, 100mm, and 102mm), a navicular punch that is built into the mold to alleviate pressure during ankle flexion, and an advanced collection of INTUITION liners that provide the perfect blend of comfort and performance, thanks to the precise interaction between foot, liner, and shell. The molded/lasted liners feature INTUITION foam and a power collar, and Moldable Asymmetric Tongue for maximized power transfer and energy absorption.

The All-Mountain collection comprises six new boots: three men’s and three women’s- specific boots. Leading the first class men’s SpYne collection is the SpYne 130, which delivers a true 130 flex index and is offered in both a 97 and 100 mm last. The SpYne 130 is the flagship of the line, featuring the Energy Interlock and PowerFuse SpYne technologies, as well as a PowerCinch Strap and molded/lasted PrecisionFit INTUITION liner for maximum power transfer and comfort.

Following the SpYne 130 are the SpYne 110 and 90 options, which offer softer flexes and correlating levels of features.

The SpYre 110, 100, and 80 make up the colorful female-specific All-Mountain collection, and feature the same innovative, all-mountain technologies as the men’s line but with a 15-percent lower cuff height, designed to accommodate a woman’s lower calf insert point, and a women’s-specific last.

Freeride Boots:

Using the All-Mountain boot design as a platform, K2 backs up its dedication to meet the needs of the freeride market by offering freeride-specific boots. Until the new K2 Freeride ski boots, industry technology has tried to create boots to meet the immediate demands of the exponentially growing side and backcountry community. However, boot designers have either over-compensated for weight reduction and the walk feature’s range of motion, compromising the boots’ downhill performance. Or, they have focused heavily on downhill performance, resulting in a poor walk feature and increased weight.

K2’s new Freeride boots maximize uphill capabilities without compromising downhill performance, thanks to the revolutionary, patent-pending Synchro Interlock design. The easy-to-use and efficient system allows the user to synchronize the release of the inner wedge and Interlock for free-flexing walk performance that delivers impressive fore and aft range of motion. A synchronized lock of the system, engages the Interlock for ski mode, delivering true downhill all-mountain boot performance, maintaining 100% of the flex index.

K2’s Freeride boot collection includes the Pinnacle 130 and 110. Starting from the inside out, the PrecisionFit and LuxFit INTUITION liners are enhanced with Tour Flex Notches for optimal liner mobility, range of motion, and fit while touring. Meanwhile, the Integrated Tech Fittings embedded into the shell provide dramatic durability and accommodation for all modern DIN- alpine and Tech binding systems, without having to change the outsoles.

For those earning their turns, there is no need to haul more than is necessary. These Freeride boots watch their weight with a simple three-buckle design and a lightweight, extra wide buckle/strap, dubbed the K2 PowerBuckle, for quick and secure adjustments in and out of walk mode.