Everything is White In the North

I expected the snow to be white and untracked and it was. It was the other white tracks that were a complete surprise.

On the first afternoon of our heli-ski trip we encountered high avalanche and poor flying conditions and were grounded at the lodge. Not to sit on our asses, we located fishing gear and went looking for Terrace’s famous Steelhead Trout. This is where we met the other white tracks.

Three large white wolves appeared on the riverbank adjacent from where we were fishing and they remained until we left hours later. They sat and watched us with an intense curiosity, perhaps deciding if we were to be dinner. Some locals spoke of having seen these beautiful creatures however most of those we spoke to were envious of our sighting. Despite a valiant effort to catch Steelhead we returned to the lodge with a frozen Coho and a few pictures.

From the banks of a cold wet river the snow conditions improved and day two was and exceptional powder day. It also was St Paddy’s day and we enjoyed Leah’s shot-ski, many fine party hats and fine conversations.

One fine conversation centered on the Bell 212 that was shuttling our group of six skiers. The rebuilt 212 had been in Edi Amin’s fleet of three. At the time when he was tossing his tormentors from these 212’s Dave, our adventure guide, was living in Uganda and watched this 212 fly overhead many times. He was fortunate not to fly or to be invited to dinner as Amin has a reputation for consuming his guests.

The next two days offered bluebird skies and stable snow conditions and we skied to our hearts content. In the evening great meals were waiting and the local nightlife in Terrace kept the partiers happy while the others rested their legs.

By the end of our four days we skied a whopping 70,000 vertical of deep untracked powder. Northern Excape offers unsurpassed hospitality, great ski terrain and a small group experience. Many thanks to our excellent guides, the lodge staff and our new Teddy.

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