Watch Out South America – The Canadians Are Coming

Most skiers can barely survive the off-season down time, waiting for next winter’s first snow to fall. Watching old ski movies on loop… beach-lounging with race boots on… or running up and down stairs to stay fit. Luckily there’s a better remedy for those in the know, it starts with an ‘S’, and ends with ‘outh America’. You following us? And luckier still, Extremely Canadian has your back like nobody else, with four different ways to experience the Southern Hemi’s most legendary ski destinations this summer; Las Lenas Argentina, Portillo Chile, and Ski Arpa Cat-Skiing in Chile.

Las Lenas and Portillo have long been hailed in the freeskiing community as the best destinations for Southern Hemisphere big mountain shredding. With exotic culture, endless steep terrain, long couloirs and huge alpine bowls, there’s enough to do down south to keep even the most hardcore coming back year after year. Which is exactly what Extremely Canadian has been doing since 2001, dialing in all the best resorts and lines along the way so that you can get right to the goods. They’ll take care of the logistical junk show that South America never fails to bestow; you focus on the skiing, steak, and wine.

2 countries, 2 resorts, 1 cat-skiing operation, endless lines, and a crew of keen big mountain skiers and riders. The roster for this year’s trips includes:
• Las Lenas, Argentina: Aug 21-28, Aug 28-Sep 4
• Las Lenas Youth Camp: Aug 21-28
• South American Triangle – Las Lenas, Portillo, Ski Arpa: Sep 1-11
• Chile Sampler Extension – Portillo, Ski Arpa: Sep 4-9

These trips combine the fun and adventure of big mountain skiing with the warm and vibrant culture of Argentina and Chile… rivaled only by the sub-culture of riotous skiers Extremely Canadian has come to expect on their annual pilgrimage.

Extremely Canadian combines tactical steep skiing coaching, technical improvement, avalanche awareness, and a heavy dose of fun to provide a safe and truly unforgettable experience.

Oh the trip details and transfers? That’s Extremely Canadian’s job, not yours. Book a trip and they’ll do the rest. In a place like South America, that’s the only way to go. Enjoy.

For a good time call 1.800.938.9656 or visit